15 Feb 2021

The Alumni Entrepreneur Sharing 1.0

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Telkom University through the Directorate of Career Development, Alumni and Endowment organized an Entrepreneur Sharing Alumni 1.0 event with the theme “Social Media as a Creative Platform”. This event was held on Thursday (12/02) online through the ZOOM Meeting and broadcast live on the CAE Tel-U Youtube channel.

Dr. Dida Diah Damajanti as Vice-Rector for Admissions, Student Affairs, and Alumni of Telkom University gave her speech. He said that this Alumni Sharing is following Telkom University’s vision, which is to become a Research and Entrepreneurial University in 2023 that plays an active role in the development of information technology-based technology, science, and arts.

“We support students and alumni who want to have a career in the entrepreneurial world and hopefully this event can inspire us to start pioneering and develop careers in the entrepreneurial field and even contribute to this nation,” she said.

Dr. Dida added that with the theme “Social Media as a Creative Platform”, we can learn how to manage data and make the best use of it. We can also use Social Media to provide solutions to existing problems, especially in the entrepreneurial field.

This event presented two speakers, namely Rio Garia Aprilio as Owner @ erji.id & Content Creator and Galih Mandala as Art Director & Content Creator. Rio said that social media is a forum for creativity for the younger generation to be able to advance and develop, especially during a pandemic like this time.

“The use of the internet and social media continues to increase every year, especially during this pandemic. Almost everything we used to do in person is now done online and digitally. So that we can look for opportunities there, “he said.

Rio explained that everyone is a content creator in their respective social media. A content Creator is a person whose profession is to create content, whether in the form of text, images, or sound.

“The Content Creator is tasked with collecting ideas and data, then researching to create a concept for content. After that, they will produce content that matches the desired identity and branding to fulfill an agreed objective of content, “he said.

Rio also added that to create content, a creator must be able to know himself first to be able to create creative and segmented content. The content must also be original and conceptualized according to the storyline so that it makes people want to comment and share the content with others.

Galih Mandala as Art Director & Content Creator also explained that in addition to content creators, there are other professions related to social media, one of which is Influencer. An influencer is someone who has the power to influence others in making decisions to purchase a product. This is because influencers have authority and deep relationships with their followers.

“Influencer marketing is widely used by major brands in Indonesia, so influencer marketing is a fundamental of digital marketing. That’s where business people need to understand digital marketing like this, “he said.

Galih said that during this pandemic, we do not only see limitations but also the great opportunities that we can get. We can create breakthroughs to survive this pandemic.

“One way to take advantage of the opportunities that exist is to become a content creator and influencer. We can see this from the many social media users today, we can produce works and innovate so that we get the income and can be better known by many people, “he said.

By holding this event, it is hoped that it will be able to support Telkom University’s vision and create young entrepreneurs and in the future, there can be collaborations that are beneficial to the Indonesian nation.

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