16 May 2020

The Success Key of Telkomsel Director

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Telkom University with the Telkom University Alumni Forum (FAST) organized the sharing session. This program invited the President Director of Telkomsel, Setyanto Hantoro to share his experiences during college and share the keys to his success. This event conducted online through the CloudX application, Saturday (5/16).

Setyanto Hantoro is 1991 Industrial Engineering alumni. Setyanto said that he was merely joining in to take a test at STT Telkom (Now Telkom University).

“Initially I tried to take the STT entrance test, at that time only 2 majors namely Electrical Engineering (TE) and Industrial Engineering (IT). I knew what TE is, and didn’t fond of with electro, then I chose IT. “He said.

Came from Purwokerto, Setyanto added, starting from ignorance about Industrial Engineering, finally after he fell in love with the major he chose.

“At first I didn’t know how IT was, finally after I learned and was familiar with IT, I actually loved this major.” He said.

After completing his undergraduate study in 1995, and entering the workforce, in 2001 Setyanto continued his S2 education at the Bandung Institute Of Management (Telkom University now).

Setyanto shared his tips on how to become the leader of the largest cellular telecommunications company in Indonesia, that through his talisman he could be considered a success.

“If you want to know the key to my success is, I am here to have an amulet, and my amulet is my mother, I never miss to contact her even though just asking her condition. I believe that God’s will is in parents’ will, I think that’s the key to my success. “He said.

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